Getting rid of "Interrupt storm detected on "vec2024: puc0 puc1"

Bruce O'Neel edoneel at
Mon Jan 9 07:19:17 PST 2006


I get the following message:

Interrupt storm detected on "vec2024: puc0 puc1";
 throttling interrupt source

and then, suprise suprise, the mouse quits working in X.  Sadly X is
less functional without a mouse.

I think the problem is the null modem cable to a sparc20 console.

Is there:

- an easy way to say "ok, I think I've fixed the problem, can we 
start over" short of rebooting?

- an easy way to know what might be wrong?  Is there some way to see
the interrupt rate so that I could know if unplugging the console cable
fixes it?

Thanks very much in advance!



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