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This is from memory how I installed FreeBSD so that it netbooted
from a NetBSD system.  This worked well except that NetBSD does NOT
do NFS file locking (it seems) and therefore anything that wanted
a file lock failed.  Think cron and vipw for two examples.

You already have rarp and bootparam or dhcp set up and working, right?

Replace the netbsd with boot/loader 

Make a directory somewhere and export it to your ultra

>From the iso image step over each of the directories in 
6.0-RELEASE.  In most of them there is a handy file
which is slightly wrong for what you need to do, but gives you 
the idea.

In the base directory, for example,

cd /you/exported/root/filesystem; cat /cdrom/6.0-RELEASE/base/base.?? | tar xzpf -

Repeat for all of the other directories in 6.0-RELEASE that you wish
to install.

edit etc files to your hearts content

boot net 

the ultra.

Re edit etc files

boot net

and repeat until you are happy.

The email exchange that seemed to answer most of my questions starts

good luck!



On Sun, Dec 25, 2005 at 03:26:06PM -0600, Gunter Wambaugh wrote:
> I couldn't find the answer to my problem in the archives, so here  
> goes.  I have an ultra 2 that I wish to run FreeBSD 6 on.  Prior to  
> the last few days, I have had zero experience with netbooting and  
> sparc64.  I found very little documentation for netbooting the  
> install of FreeBSD.  In my search, I found NetBSD's documentation.   
> Anxious to see if this box even works (it was given to me through  
> work), I followed those directions.  I got NetBSD installed within a  
> couple of hours.  Now that I know it _works_, how do I put FreeBSD on  
> here?  I'm not asking for a step by step.  By exporting disc1, I can  
> get the OS up and running, but sysinstall doesn't work properly.  Can  
> someone give me a hint?  TIA
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