sparc64/93226: DEBUG_LOCKS (really stack_save()) causes panics on sparc64

Antoine Brodin antoine.brodin at
Thu Feb 16 09:43:43 PST 2006

Marius Strobl <marius at> wrote:
> Ok, how about the attached patch? It uses two pairs of dummy symbols
> in exception.S to determine in stack_save() whether it was one of the
> tl0_*() or tl1_*() asm functions; one pair for those in the .trap
> section that is "magically" placed at the beginning of the .text
> section via the linker script and the other pair for those in the
> regular .text section. That way we don't rely on the location of
> these functions in the kernel and don't have the performance penalty
> of *search_symbol()/*symbol_values(). For consistency db_backtrace()
> is changed to also use the new markers instead of bcmp()'ing with
> the symbol names.

If this fixes the panic, that's excellent



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