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Maxime Henrion mux at
Fri Feb 3 18:16:51 PST 2006

Garance A Drosihn wrote:
> At 6:59 PM -0500 2/3/06, Miles Nordin wrote:
> > >>>>> "rs" == Robert Slade <bsd at> writes:
> >
> >    rs>   FreeBsd 6.0 works fine on my U10,
> >
> >except that by ``fine'' you mean Firefox/Mozilla and anything
> >else that makes heavy use of POSIX threads doesn't work.  Does
> >gdb work again?  gprof?  CVSup?  Java won't work, of course.
> CVSup works.  It doesn't work on PowerPC, but it does on sparc64.
> And there seems to be a lot of progress on 'csup' lately (that's
> the rewrite of cvsup in C).

Yep, and I encourage anybody to give it a try.  I'm busy rolling a new
snapshot now, with many fixes and stuff.  As far as I can tell and from
what I've been told by numerous people now, csup works like a charm.  It
has gained status file support recently so the speed problem is fixed,
and changing the zlib compression level even made it slightly faster
than CVSup in my (somewhat limited) testing.

I'd say that the most annoying problem at the moment is that csup
doesn't support fixups.  That means that if updating a file failed for
some reason (and that could happen with corrupted files when using -s),
csup will just stupidly complain about the bad checksum and stop (or
actually, hang, but that's unrelated :D).  It's not a big deal since in
that case you can just re-run csup and it'll checkout the file.

Now of course, a few other things are still missing: CVS mode, refuse
files, a bunch of minor options and stuff, etc.  Maybe I'll have time to
tackle those, but that's not sure; the reason I've been working quite a
lot on csup these days is because I'm jobless, and that can't last
forever, unless people are willing to send me money to finish csup :-).

This mail ended up being longer than I expected, but I just thought I'd
take advantage of this thread to let people know how far exactly I am
with this project now (and to do some advertising :-P).


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