panic: pcib: uncorrectable error

John-Mark Gurney gurney_j at
Wed Aug 9 05:01:38 UTC 2006

Nenhum _de_Nos wrote this message on Tue, Aug 08, 2006 at 23:11 -0300:
> i have two sunblades 150 one runs FreeBSD 6.0-p9, the other Solaris 8.
> this freebsd is a nfs server that when in huge nfs activity (such as
> untar a 100MB file) panics as follow:
> IOMMU fault virtual address 0xc19c2000
> panic: pcib: uncorrectable error AFAIR 0xcec54708 AFSR 0x4100ff002080000
> this machine was running 6.1-STABLE, 6.1-RELEASE and all had the same
> error. i've changed the hds and run FreeBSD in the other sunblade, but
> the very same thing happened.
> i've tested memory, as for changing among them both and nothing also
> (i have no other pc133 machine).
> solaris runs fine, but i really want FreeBSD on them :)
> the hardware is the factory default, just the server has a seagate
> 300GB IDE hd and one unused Realtek Gigabit Card.
> if anyone can help :)

Hmmm.. could you try turning off dma on ide?

It'd be useful to find out which device was doing dma that caused the
fault, because it's likely overrunning the mapping provided...  With
enough munging around in iommu_decode_fault, you could work your way
back to the map/tag that caused the fault, and then figure out which
device owned the tag...

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