Confirmation Request (3380106208)

SPARC-OAForum administration SPARC-OAForum-feed at
Tue Aug 1 11:22:24 UTC 2006

This is an automated message from the
  <SPARC-OAForum at> mailing list manager

Somebody (probably you) have requested the subscribe(feed) operation
  for your <sparc64 at> address

If you want to confirm this operation,
  use the Reply command in your mailer.

Check that the Subject of the reply message contains
  the confirmation ID: 3380106208,
  the reply is directed to <SPARC-OAForum-feed at>,
  and the 'From' address of your reply is <sparc64 at>.

If you do not want to confirm the requested operation, simply do nothing

All requests about this mailing list
  should be sent to <SPARC-OAForum-request at>

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