SPARC iso9660 boot loader loading alternative OS?

Jakub Jermar jermar at
Tue Oct 25 01:21:16 PDT 2005


I am looking for a suitable bootloader for my school 
operating system kernel. I came across to FreeBSD and tried 
to produce a bootable CD.

I downloaded 5.4-RELEASE-sparc64-bootonly.iso, replaced 
FreeBSD kernel with my own and produced iso9660 image like this:

mkisofs -f -G root/boot/boot1 -B ... -r -o image.iso root/

When I try to boot it, I get a message like this:

 >> FreeBSD/sparc64 boot block
    Boot path:   /sbus at 3,0/SUNW,fas at 3,8800000/sd at 6,0:f
    Boot loader: /boot/loader
Not ufs
mount: can't read superblock
panic: mount
Program terminated

I guess the ISO image is missing something. Can you help me 
and say what am I doing wrong?

Best regards,

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