hme problems

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> That's an old bug; the second NS16550 (used as mouse port) on
> E250 erroneously gets the IRQ of the on-board HME assigned. 
> Later on this became fatal when uart(4) was enabled which 
> began trying to use that NS16550. The attached patch (applies 
> to HEAD and RELENG_6 but it should also be fine to just grab 
> uart_bus_ebus.c from HEAD, apply the patch and stick it into 
> a FreeBSD 5 system) should work around this by causing 
> uart(4) to not attach to the NS16550 in question in favour of 
> a working on-board HME. AFAICT the underlying problem is 
> caused by a IRQ routing problem due to interpreting the 
> information present in OFW wrong. This however can happen at 
> a couple of layers (the exact code path is also model 
> dependend) and I didn't manage to spot faulty code. Fixing it 
> would require me to have at least remote access to an E250 
> which so far I didn't manage to get. Also currently I'm short 
> on spare time...
> Marius
Thanks again for this, worked fine taking my machine up to 5.4-STABLE from


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