FreeBSD viability on Sparc platform

Nathan Vidican nvidican at
Wed Nov 23 12:33:46 PST 2005

Been a (long) while since I've been following the port at all, where is 
FreeBSD/sparc anyhow? Looking to replace a server here which is currently 
running FreeBSD/i386 on dual PIII 550's, the machine is heavily loaded and 
stability/redundancy are key but budget is a concern. For the price I can get 
decent configurations of Sun Ultra and Ultra II powered sparc servers with 
redundant power for cheap... but can I reliably run FreeBSD on them, or am I 
stuck with Solaris. Really, would Solaris not be a better option anyhow given 
it's their hardware, or is FreeBSD stable enough on the platform yet for production?

The machine is basically pure mysql server, and does minimal routing accross two 
network interfaces. I know this could just as easily be done in Solaris, just 
curious as to FreeBSD/sparc viability. I'm looking at some E420R's with qty 4 
450mhz Sparc II cpus, and 4GB ram each.

Any info/opinions/concerns/etc appreciated.
Nathan Vidican
nvidican at
Windsor Match Plate & Tool Ltd.

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