Ultra Enterprise 2, Creator3D, type6, Xorg issues

Steve Joynt steve.joynt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 17 14:02:03 PST 2005

On 18/11/05, Ken Folse <ksfjr at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I'm using a crossbow mouse. I know this mouse works as I have used it in
> Solaris and NetBSD. I guess I will have to experiment with the settings. I
> read a comment previously about enabling the mouse in rc.conf. I set
> moused_enable in rc.conf but get a message about not finding /dev/psm0 when
> booting. Does the mouse have to be activated before X? Should the mouse show
> up in dmesg?

I've got one of the sun mice that plugs into a type 6 keyboard (not
sure if that's a crossbow mouse?) and after putting the following into
rc.conf and restarting moused it worked:


The relevant section from xorg.conf is:

Section "InputDevice"

    Identifier  "Mouse1"
    Driver      "mouse"
    Option "Protocol"    "Auto"
    Option "Device"      "/dev/sysmouse"


- steve

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