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Joerg Wunsch j at ida.interface-business.de
Wed Jun 29 08:07:42 GMT 2005

As Doug White wrote:

> > I saw on the hardware page that the Enterprise 3000 wasn't listed
> > but the 3500 was listed as netboot only, ...

> The "netboot only" entries are probably referring to the lack of
> driver for the built-in SCSI (esp), which was fixed a year or two
> ago.

No, it's due to the lack of a SUNW,socal driver.  The Ex500 servers
have native fibre channel disks usually connected to a socal
controller board.  There's indeed also an esp controller on these
machines, but no parallel SCSI disk bays.  Booting off the esp using
an external drive works (I did that here with an E4500, Marius did
some experiments on it), but is anything else but an ideal solution.

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