Shhhh U10 Install completed

Robert Slade bsd at
Fri Jun 24 21:07:17 GMT 2005

Hiya all,

It looks like I've managed to get FreeBSD 5.3 installed now, at least
partially. I can get to the prompt. The problem I had originally was the
CD images would not boot. I got short read etc, but I could boot the
boot only iso. (Not sure why that would be is there a different

The next problem was the I could not delete the Solaris slices already
on the hard drive to make room for the FreeBSD files. However, I swapped
the hard drive for a spare blank drive and hooray things started to
happen. Although the sysinstall screen was screwed up a bit, I was able
to install what I needed. 

Mu next question, is what version should I update too? The machine has
creator graphics etc. I would like to use xwindows/kde. 

Many thanks to those who helped.


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