Where are the Sparc64 Installation Boot Floppies? (was - Re: Installation on SUN U10 Continued)

Robert Slade bsd at bathnetworks.com
Thu Jun 23 19:34:53 GMT 2005

On Thu, 2005-06-23 at 18:37, John Baldwin wrote:
> On Thursday 23 June 2005 02:22 pm, David O'Brien wrote:
> > [ please don't top post - it looses context ]
> >
> > On Thu, Jun 23, 2005 at 01:01:18PM -0500, Brett D. Estrade wrote:
> > > Do the installation boot floppy images for sparc64 exist as the
> > > documentation claims, or are they a myth?
> >
> > They do not exist.  These document files are shared with other FreeBSD
> > architectures that do have boot floppies (i386 and alpha).
> You can bug bmah@ about making the references to floppies only show up in the 
> i386 and alpha release notes.

It would be useful is the FreeBSD/sparc64 5.4-RELEASE Installation
Instructions specifically for the Sparc64 said that the floppy images
were not available instead of leaving section 1.3 blank. It would have
saved me several hours of searching. Sigh



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