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Wed Jun 22 22:34:44 GMT 2005

On Wed, 22 Jun 2005, Brett D. Estrade wrote:

> I have an Ultra 60 with 5.4 (upgraded from 5.3), and I am trying to
> stress the sucker out.
> I am currently running "memtest" from ports, and although this thing has
> 512 mb of RAM (and dual 300mhz cpus), memtest will only test ~148 mb or
> less of the main memory.  Is this an indication of some sort of issue or
> a shortcoming of memtest?  I also tried "rawio", but was not too
> successful getting the app to work properly - any suggestions for proper
> memory and I/O stressing?

OBP can do a reasonable memory test with:


Specifies the level or type of diagnostics that are executed. Default is max.

     * off - No testing.
     * min - Basic tests are run.
     * max - More extensive tests might be run, depending on the device. Memory is extensively checked.

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