Start of a schizo driver for US-III CPUs

Gavin Atkinson gavin.atkinson at
Tue Jun 14 19:47:20 GMT 2005


I started hacking away at a driver for the Schizo/Tomatillo Host-PCI 
bridge a while back, and got to the stage where I could see devices behind 
the bridge (and devices plugged into the USB ports).  No work has been 
done on interrupt routing or support, so the code is nowhere near usable 
yet. I've had no time to do any more work on it for a long time, but with 
the opening of the Solaris source code, I thought I should make it public 
in case anyone can learn what is needed for this driver from the Solaris 
source and wants to save a bit of work.

There are four source files and a diff to nexus.c within the archive. 
You will almost certainly need to remove the bge driver from the kernel, 
use ofw_console rather than uart to get the console to work, and on jbus 
based machines (at least), you'll probably need to pull all but CPU0 (or 
at least the ram associated with them) or you'll get a panic very early 
on.  Demo dmesg at 
(Booting on a 2cpu V240 with memory only installed into one set of banks). 
I've also had some success with it booting on a V440.

It's based on the FreeBSD psycho.c - and from information gained from the 
openbsd and linux drivers.  If anyone does want to take this on, I would 
be interested in hearing from you and possibly working with you.

I hope somebody can do something with this!


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