E4500 with 24GB RAM

Pyun YongHyeon yongari at rndsoft.co.kr
Sat Jun 11 07:26:03 GMT 2005

On Sat, Jun 11, 2005 at 03:40:28PM +0900, Hiroki Sato wrote:
 > Kris Kennaway <kris at obsecurity.org> wrote
 >   in <20050610211239.GA59402 at xor.obsecurity.org>:
 > kr> I wonder if it's disk related.  I tried to check out a ports tree on
 > kr> this machine and it hung in a few seconds (although this was also
 > kr> checking out using the network via nfs).
 >  I do not know why but the freeze occurs only when displaying "invalid
 >  packet size xxx; dropping".  When I tried "vmstat 1" on the serial
 >  console and fetching a large file via ftp at the same time
 >  with 12GB RAM configuration, the freeze did not occur.
 >  Once "hme0: too may errors; not reporting any more" is displayed,
 >  the box seems to work fine and I can check out the ports tree via NFS
 >  without problems.

Normally the "invalid packet size" message comes from link mismatch.
If your HME's PHY is DP83840 there are known issues on link neogotiation.
AFAIK the issue has nothing to do with panic as I always see that on my
Ultra2 which has DP83840 PHY too.

I wonder how you can use NFS reliably on sparc64. Due to failure of
alignment(both server and client) it's really easy to get panic on sparc64.

 >  I tried to comment out the HME_WHINE line of hme_read() in if_hme.c,
 >  and it seems to make the box work fine so far.

HME_WHINE() just prints a message. I can't think removing the function
can cure your problem.

 >  Kris, could you try again?  I think this is not a disk problem.
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