E4500 with 24GB RAM

Hiroki Sato hrs at FreeBSD.org
Fri Jun 10 15:45:36 GMT 2005

Doug White <dwhite at gumbysoft.com> wrote
  in <20050606132756.X16994 at carver.gumbysoft.com>:

dw> Since the panic is in a KASSERT thats why it only pops up under
dw> INVARIANTS.  However the bus_dma tags specify that hme can only handle 32
dw> bit addresses so it should be using a bounce buffer. I'm guessing that
dw> bus_dma needs to be taught about this limitation and use bounce buffers
dw> for the IOMMU on >16GB systems.
dw> Someone should also research this value a bit more ... I wonder if its
dw> from some older system (E450?), and newer machines have larger limits. I
dw> would hope they'd build E4500s with IOMMUs that can address all of
dw> physical memory.

 Hmmm, I notice the box sometimes hangs up with <16GB RAM under
 moderate network load just after "hme0: invalid packet size
 xxxx; dropping" is displayed.  I tried 16, 12, 8, and 4GB.
 Another E4500 with 5GB RAM seems OK, though.

 Is there anyone interested in investigating?  I can provide remote
 access (serial console available) to this box.

| Hiroki SATO
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