[current tinderbox] failure on sparc64/sparc64

Doug White dwhite at gumbysoft.com
Mon Jan 31 14:31:20 PST 2005

On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, Doug White wrote:

> On Mon, 31 Jan 2005, M. Warner Losh wrote:
> > In message: <20050130073248.W20417 at pooker.samsco.org>
> >             Scott Long <scottl at FreeBSD.org> writes:
> > : Why on earth is the digi driver bein compiled on sparc64?
> >
> > Most likely historical inertia...  No body noticed until that module
> > build got more facist.
> The digi driver in HEAD is completely inoperative anyway, so removing it
> from the kernel config wouldn't hurt anyone, for the time being.

Sorry, s/HEAD/RELENG_5/. I'll go back in my corner now.

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