clock problem on Ultra80

Herve Boulouis amon at
Sun Jan 30 04:55:16 PST 2005

Le 30/01/2005 à 09:38, Dennis Pesonen a écrit:
> Hi,
> Ever since I installed FreeBSD I have had some strange clock problems.
> After installing FreeBSD 5.2.1 from iso files I noticed that doing
> traceroutes and pings returned strange results. Sometimes the result was a
> negative time and sometimes it was to large to be reasonable. After
> changing the kern.timecounter.choice: parameter via sysctl from tick to
> counter-timer these problems stopped.
> My current problem is that the system clock stops from time to time. This
> happes at intervals between 1 day and 2 weeks, but always at the top of
> the hour, like 14:00:01. After it stops it just switches between 2
> seconds, lika 14:00:01 and 14:00:02. This makes alot of processes hang and
> I cant reboot the system without a powercycle
> When this happens I have had a look at the time values in sysctl, what I
> noticed is that kern.timecounter.ngetmicrotime and
> kern.timecounter.ngetnanouptime stops counting up but
> kern.timecounter.nbinuptime and kern.timecounter.nmicrouptime: is still
> counting.
> Im wondering if this might be a hardware falure or if it's some strange
> bug. After the reboot the time is accurate again so the actual hardware
> clock does not seem to have stopped.
> My system is a Ultra80 with 2x450cpu and 1gig ram. I have not CVSupped
> since the install.

That's exactly the kind of problem I was having a few weeks ago with 5.2.1
and 5.3R on my dual 276Mhz netra t 1125. I cvsuped 5 days ago and the machine
has been up since (no more 'calcru: negative time ...' messages from the 

cvsup to RELENG_5 and see if the problem goes away.

Herve Boulouis

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