E3500/E4500 not supported?

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Thu Jan 27 08:56:08 PST 2005

Hiroki Sato wrote:

> Hi,
>  Is the following description in www/en/platforms/sparc.sgml still true?
>    The following systems are supported, but can only be netbooted due to
>    the onboard scsi controller being unsupported.  Work is underway to add
>    support for this scsi controller. These systems may work with the esp
>    driver imported from NetBSD.
>     - Enterprise 3500
>     - Enterprise 4500
>  I tried 5.3-RELEASE on E4500 with SBus I/O board but the SCSI
>  controller (FAS366) was recognized as esp(4) and it seemed to work fine.
>  Although I do not know the PCI board-only case, I think it should
>  be explained in sparc.sgml.  Did somebody try these machines?

I didn't know that such beasts existed.  If they have a FAS366 and you
are confirming that they work, then I see nothing wrong with correcting
the text.  Note that our esp driver only works with SBUS, so I'm not
sure what you mean about PCI.


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