[Fwd: MMU Miss panic]

Andrew D Wiles adw at dsmirc.f9.co.uk
Fri Jan 21 16:39:29 PST 2005

Doug White wrote:

>On Fri, 21 Jan 2005, Andrew D Wiles wrote:
>># The additions to the generic kernel that make tyr special
>># in future simply include this file and trim down the generic kernel
>>options         IPFIREWALL
>>options         IPFIREWALL_VERBOSE
>>#options         IPFIREWALL_FORWARD
>>options         IPDIVERT
>>options         IPSTEALTH
>>options         CONSPEED=  115200
>># Include samba support in the kernel because encrypted passwords are req'd
>>options         NETSMBCRYPTO            #encrypted password support for SMB
>>options         LIBMCHAIN
>>options         LIBICONV
>Try removing the smb and related options here.
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That seems to have fixed the problem with booting, however networking 
services fail on boot, smbd fails to start as does nfs rendering the 
machine up, but useless.

Andrew D Wiles aka darkskye at DALnet

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