Serial console seems to have disappeared

Tillman Hodgson tillman at
Sat Feb 26 01:24:39 GMT 2005

Howdy folks,

I've had this in my /etc/ttys since forever (near enough):

ttyb    "/usr/libexec/getty 3wire.9600" vt220-w on  secure

And I've had eeprom settings like this to match:

# eeprom -a | grep put-device
output-device: ttyb
input-device: ttyb

I upgraded to a much more recent -current (the previous stuff I was
running was from last summer). The serial bits appear to have changed
... while I see the boot process over the serial line, I can no longer
communicate with a getty:

Starting inetd.
Starting background file system checks in 60 seconds.
Fri Feb 25 17:31:50 CST 2005
Feb 25 17:31:51 caliban getty[685]: open /dev/screen: No such fi
FreeBSD/sparc64 ( (ttyb)

At this point whatever I type is echoed back after hitting enter but
there is definitely no login process in place.

Has the serial devices changed names in the past few months? `ls
/dev/tty*` shows a ttyz0 and z1 which look promising. I didn't see any
mention of them in /usr/src/UPDATING though.


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