installation problem on Sun E450

Joerg Wunsch j at
Fri Feb 11 00:48:10 PST 2005

As m wrote:

> The cdr DOES spin up, then the system totally freezes.

Does Stop-A still work?

With FreeBSD 5.1 (or so), I never got my U450 install from CD, but the
symptoms were different.  I've always got a read error of some kind.
I eventually gave up, and installed across the network.

Network installation isn't too hard with Suns, if I were you, I'd give
it a try as well.  You need a RARPD to supply an IP address to the
Openboot PROM, and later on DHCP since that's what FreeBSD wants to
use.  Of course, the RARPD machine must also have TFTP enabled, the
PROM wants to load the sparc64 boot/loader image under a name that
matches the hexadecimal IP address.  So for a machine that obtained IP
address, make a link from boot/loader to C0A80102.

DHCP needs to supply the following options for that machine:

host foo {
        hardware ethernet 08:00:20:xx:xx:xx;
        option host-name "foo.your.domain";
        always-reply-rfc1048 on;
        filename "kernel";
        option root-path "";

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