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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2003/06/24] sparc64/53670sparc64     pthreads implementation on 5.1-Release sp
o [2004/01/29] sparc64/62053sparc64     Using bridging on 5.2 Sparc64 causes imme
o [2004/09/14] sparc64/71729sparc64     printf in kernel thread causes panic on S
o [2004/10/21] sparc64/72962sparc64     [sysinstall] Sysinstall panics on sparc64
o [2004/11/02] sparc64/73413sparc64     [patch] pthread(libkse) library is broken
o [2004/11/10] sparc64/73782sparc64     libc is missing the _Qp_cmp function

6 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
a [2003/10/11] sparc64/57856sparc64     sparc64: IDE Raid controller no detect di
o [2004/07/09] sparc64/68869sparc64     netcard: Unexpect packet size, drop packe
o [2004/08/02] sparc64/69893sparc64     asr panics the system on sparc64
o [2004/10/15] sparc64/72731sparc64     sparc64, 5.3-BETA7, "host" command doesn'
o [2004/10/22] sparc64/72998sparc64     [patch] set_mcontext() change syscalls pa
o [2004/12/24] sparc64/75458sparc64     Add detection of US-IIIi processor
f [2005/01/03] sparc64/75735sparc64     misconfigured qfe ports

7 problems total.

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