netboot ultra2

Gunter Wambaugh unixgeek at
Sun Dec 25 13:26:15 PST 2005

I couldn't find the answer to my problem in the archives, so here  
goes.  I have an ultra 2 that I wish to run FreeBSD 6 on.  Prior to  
the last few days, I have had zero experience with netbooting and  
sparc64.  I found very little documentation for netbooting the  
install of FreeBSD.  In my search, I found NetBSD's documentation.   
Anxious to see if this box even works (it was given to me through  
work), I followed those directions.  I got NetBSD installed within a  
couple of hours.  Now that I know it _works_, how do I put FreeBSD on  
here?  I'm not asking for a step by step.  By exporting disc1, I can  
get the OS up and running, but sysinstall doesn't work properly.  Can  
someone give me a hint?  TIA

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