Ultra 1 support

Gheorghe Ardelean ardelean at ww.uni-erlangen.de
Wed Dec 21 16:43:59 PST 2005

> A fix/workaround for the underlying problem was commited some time
> ago and MFC'ed to RELENG_6 on November 30th so the December 6.0
> and 7.0 snapshots should boot just fine from stuff attached to
> the on-board ESP in U1.
> I also did a driver for the on-board Ethernet NIC, with some luck
> it'll be in 6.1.
This is really great. Thank you again.

> AFAICT there's no such thing like a SBus Creator card, all have
> UPA connectors (which come in two different shapes) and U1 don't
> have UPA slots.
I have seen such a thing on ebay.de That's why I told about it. I have
never seen it in reality but they say it's an:
    SUN Framebuffer Creator Series 1 FFB S-Bus (501-4127)
It's article number 5843449677 on ebay.de (if someone wants to see the
picture). They say it works on Ultra 1 also.


G. Ardelean.

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