X support on an Ultra2 with a creator board

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Sun Dec 18 19:51:01 PST 2005

There're a few different UPA Creator card models -
ffb1, ffb2, and ffb2+.  I can confirm that the Xorg
included with FreeBSD 6.0-R supports the ffb1 and
ffb2+ just fine, using the "sunffb" driver in Xorg. 
It seems safe to assume that the ffb2 would be fine,
also.  Not sure exactly what the differences are
between the different models.  

The pertinent section of my config is as follows

Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Card0"
        Driver      "sunffb"
        BusID       "SBUS:/SUNW,ffb at 1e,0"
        VendorName  "SUN"
        BoardName   "Sun Creator"
        Screen     0

May be a little bit different for you, this is from
the xorg.conf on an Ultra1 system with the ffb1 model
installed in the UPA slot.  System's running just
beautifully in 24bit mode at 1280x1024 on a 20"
Sun-branded Sony monitor.  

--- Bruce O'Neel <edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> Do graphics work on Ultra2's with the creator board
> with 6.0?
> I've gotten grumpy over the last week or two with
> the central system
> in my cluster being an x86 and am considering moving
> the central
> system to a multiprocessor Ultra2.  This would mean
> that the ultra2
> console and, hopefully, X, would work otherwise my
> idea won't quite 
> work.
> Right now the Ultra 2 runs FreeBSD but it's a
> diskless node.
> Thanks very much!  It's not so clear from the web
> pages.
> cheers
> bruce
> -- 
> edoneel at sdf.lonestar.org
> SDF Public Access UNIX System -
> http://sdf.lonestar.org
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