serial ports on the Ultra 5

Aaron Glenn aaron.glenn at
Mon Dec 5 22:04:33 GMT 2005

On 12/5/05, John-Mark Gurney <gurney_j at> wrote:
> You won't get a login prompt from the getty running on the local
> machine...  as soon as you open up ttyu1 the getty will "get" out
> of the way and stop doing work...  The above usually happens when
> the otherside doesn't have CD raised and you haven't set the clocal
> flag on the port...   if you use the cuau1 port, that usually ignores
> CD, and you can start typing...

the cuau devices do not and have not worked. always "device busy link down"

> what do you have on the other side?  are they back to back? or?  Also,
> I usually disable getty's when I'm debugging as it can usually cause
> other issues, and then once I have the serial ports mostly working, then
> I enable getty and see what breaks...

I've got the FreeBSD machine connected via serial port B to the
OpenBSD machine on serial port A. I disabled getty and now I'm able to
exit cu with ~^D instead of having to kill the process.

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