disks not configured from sysinstall 6.0-BETA1

John Nielsen john at jnielsen.net
Wed Aug 3 18:25:16 GMT 2005

I'm new to the list (and to sparc64 in general), but I wanted to 
congratulate you all on getting FreeBSD on sparc64 to Tier 1 quality in 
such a short amount of time, and on the progress that continues to be made.

I recently inherited an Ultra 5 box at work and (naturally) am installing 
FreeBSD on it.  Not having a serial console handy, I was pleased to see 
that the 6.0-BETA1 CD boots with a usable console.  I went through the 
setup process as usual, configuring my disks as follows:

ad0b	768M	swap
ad0a		~8G		/ +S
ad1		~40G	/squid

After selecting my distributions and media (CDROM), I got the "Last chance!" 
warning.  Instead of starting the install at that point, it failed with 
consecutive errors about not finding / or swap.  Nothing was printed to the 
debug console, but the disks were simply not touched.

After running sunlabel and newfs manually from the fixit shell, the 
installation went smoothly.

Any ideas?  I didn't see any PR's that looked relevant, so I was wondering 
if I should submit one.  Am I omitting any relevant details?



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