vinum unable to write config on 5.4

jason kawaja kawaja at
Tue Aug 2 14:43:37 GMT 2005

e450, dual cpu, sparc.

freebsd 5.3-release works no problems, 5.4-release and higher (updates) 
seem to not write vinum config to the disk.  after creating a vinum 
config, the device is able to be mounted fine (config loaded) but after 
a reboot the config is no longer there and must be manually recreated to 
access the vinum partition.

upon attempting to "resetconfig" on 5.4 the follow message is displayed :

vinum -> resetconfig
  WARNING!  This command will completely wipe out your vinum configuration.
  All data will be lost.  If you really want to do this, enter the text

  Enter text -> NO FUTURE
Can't find vinum config: Inappropriate ioctl for device

if i create a vinum partition on a 5.3-release then the 5.4-release can 
read it fine, but is unable to make changes to the vinum config.

ideas on changes between the two (5.3 - 5.4) that may have induced this 

Jason Kawaja 2-4568

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