Call for testers: patch for the dc(4) driver

Brad Knowles brad at
Tue Sep 28 07:50:04 PDT 2004

At 4:30 PM +0200 2004-09-28, Maxime Henrion wrote:

>  Well yes, the dc(4) driver. :-)

	Sorry.  When I originally read that message, I missed the section 
number and did a "man dc", and was very confused.

>>  	I think the first trick will be to find someone who actually has
>>  a dc(4) card in a SPARC64 box.
>  I know several people that do, there are Netra boxes out there that have
>  integrated Davicom dc(4) cards.  This is why I converted this driver to
>  busdma some time ago.

	Cool!  I had no idea....  I've just been used to seeing hme 
interfaces forever on Suns and didn't realize that they'd switched to 
a different device for some hardware.

	Nevermind.  I'll shut up now.

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