Call for testers: patch for the dc(4) driver

Brad Knowles brad at
Tue Sep 28 07:23:00 PDT 2004

At 2:40 PM +0200 2004-09-28, Maxime Henrion wrote:

>  I need people to give this patch a try and see if it doesn't break
>  anything.  It shouldn't cause any harm, but better safe than sorry.

	You mean this one:

DC(4)                  FreeBSD Kernel Interfaces Manual                  DC(4)

      dc -- DEC/Intel 21143 and clone 10/100 ethernet driver

      device miibus
      device dc

      The dc driver provides support for several PCI fast ethernet adapters and
      embedded controllers based on the following chipsets:

            o   DEC/Intel 21143
            o   ADMtek AL981 Comet, AN985 Centaur, ADM9511 Centaur II and
                ADM9513 Centaur II
            o   ASIX Electronics AX88140A and AX88141
            o   Conexant LANfinity RS7112 (miniPCI)
            o   Davicom DM9009, DM9100, DM9102 and DM9102A
            o   Lite-On 82c168 and 82c169 PNIC
            o   Lite-On/Macronix 82c115 PNIC II
            o   Macronix 98713, 98713A, 98715, 98715A, 98715AEC-C, 98725, 98727
                and 98732
            o   Xircom X3201 (cardbus only)


>  This patch allows the dc(4) driver to properly read the MAC address in
>  the EEPROM on FreeBSD/powerpc.  Andrew Gallatin tested it successfully
>  on his G4.  I'm particularly interested about people using dc(4) on
>  sparc64 since this arcihtecture is big endian.

	I think the first trick will be to find someone who actually has 
a dc(4) card in a SPARC64 box.

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