Bsd on Sun Cobalts. When if ever?

Justin Oechsner justino at
Sat Sep 18 02:49:55 PDT 2004

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Hello, I like many other out there have a Sun system known as a Cobalt. Mines a Cobalt XTR. Its an x86 Platform mines (1ghz PIII dual capable). Currently there are no BSD Platforms which will install on it. You can however install Linux Platforms, such RedHat/Slack/Gen ect ect. after you flash the BIOS with an after marker Flash available from Sourceforge . The current problem at had with all of the Cobalt systems is that there is no Standard bios for it, allowing load from a MBR. Even though the ROM data from Sun and from Sourceforge is all open source. I know you at FreeBSD have put a lot of time in to the Sparc versions of BSD. But, is there any chance you could lend a helpful hand to the few of us people with Cobalts that haven't given up on them, and maybe give the people who have a reason to pull them out of the closet? I'm not a asm or C programmer or I'd help. :( But I'd be willing to do anything to help.
Justin Oechsner
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