Testers for Netra X1 RTC driver wanted

Marius Strobl marius at alchemy.franken.de
Fri Sep 17 11:18:51 PDT 2004

While going through some OFW device tree dumps lately I noticed that
FreeBSD doesn't support the time of day clock on Netra X1 and probably
other models without an EBus, yet. Could those with such models please
give a driver for the 'rtc' device a try? For testing you'll need a
5.3-beta or 6.0-current. If you want to try to get it working on an
older version see below.
How to test:
- get the patch from:
- `cd /path/to/sys`
- `mkdir dev/mc146818`
- `patch < /path/to/sparc64_rtc.diff_test`
- add 'device "mc146818"' and 'device rtc' to your kernel config file,
  like the patch does for the sparc64 GENERIC
- build and install the kernel (don't forget to run config(8) and `make
  depend` when using an existing build dir)
- turn of ntpdate(8) or whatever you used as a workaround
- reboot with the new kernel
- look at /var/run/dmesg.boot; did a rtc0 successfully attach? if not you
  can stop here...
- if yes, send me the lines in dmesg.boot talking about 'rega' and 'regb'
- was there a line in dmesg.boot saying "dow invalid"? if yes, send me
  that line
- look at the output of `date`; if the date in the clock was ever set
  it should still be reasonable; in any case tell me what OS the machine
  was running before FreeBSD
- set the current date via date(1) or `ntpdate -b <some server>`
- reboot with the new kernel again
- look at the output of `date` again, is it ok?

If you are using a FreeBSD older than 5.3-beta you can try the following:
- after applying the patch open sys/sparc64/isa/rtc.c
- find the line '#include <dev/ofw/ofw_bus.h>' and remove it
- find the line with 'ofw_bus_get_node' and replace this with
- save the changed rtc.c
- if patching sys/conf/files or sys/conf/files.sparc64 failed take a look
  at the patch and do the changes manually, should be fairly easy
- proceede like above
If the kernel compiles the driver should work...or not...


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