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	I've recently become aware of some Sun SPARC64 hardware that is 
for sale (in London), and I was wondering if some people here might 
be interested.  Please keep in mind that the seller is interested 
primarily in selling the whole lot, so it would be best if all 
interested parties could pool their money so that we could buy the 
whole thing ourselves, and sell or donate any excess.  The hardware 
is mostly U5s and Blade 100s/150s, with some other various excess 

	Last I spoke to him, the best offer he had for the lot was 1200 
UKP, but that number may have gone up since then.  Checking on eBay, 
Blade 100s are selling for $500-1000, while Blade 150s are selling 
for $1000-1500.  However, U5s seem to be going for around $50.

	It shouldn't take too many people getting together and putting 
money into the pot for the more expensive hardware before we could 
afford to buy the whole lot.  If you were to put in money, you'd need 
to cover both the cost of the hardware itself, as well as shipping, 
handling, import duties, taxes, etc....

	If you're interested in any of this stuff, please let me know, 
especially how much you'd be willing/able to put into the pot up 
front, so that we could arrange a suitable group purchase.

	I've already got one person who has indicated interest in a Blade 
100, another who wants an U5, and I am personally interested in 
putting together as many U5s as I can (I'm trying to get experience 
building clusters).

	But three people isn't going to do it -- We need more.  And this 
stuff is likely to disappear quickly, so please get back to me as 
soon as you can.

	Anyway, the list I got is:

5	15” Monitor	Sun Model # DP17MO	Come as standard with the Blade 100s
3	15” Monitor	Sun Model # 447Z
1	15” Monitor	Sun Model # 447L
3	15” Monitor	Sun Model # CHB 7727L
2	15” Monitor	Sun Model # GDN 17E20
5	15” Monitor	Sun Model # 17E10
1	17” Monitor	Transtec Model # CPD 4403
2	15” Monitor	Textronix Model # 119-5132-10
On the older monitor models the converters from 13W3 Female – VGA are available

Cabling & connectors
DB25	Female – Female, Male – Female, Male – Male	Various lengths and
													with various pinouts.
													Some in poor condition.
DB15	Female – Female, Male – Female, Male – Male	Various lengths.
													Some in poor condition.
DB37	Female – Female, Male – Female, Male – Male	Various lengths.
													Some in poor condition.
SCSI 68 – 48 pin cables	N/A	Approx 30cm cables
We have several boxes of an assortment of the above cables

Keyboards & mice
USB Keyboard & Mouse	Sun  type 6	All used
Keyboard & Mouse	Sun type 5 (8 pin mini Din)	All used
These were all used with the following computers

Base units
3	Ultra 5	64MB RAM, 4GB disk, 270 mhz
1	Ultra 5	128MB RAM, 4GB disk, 270 mhz
1	Ultra 5	256MB RAM, 8GB disk, 360mhz
6	Ultra 5	128MB RAM, 8GB disk, 360mhz
2	Ultra 5 	128MB, 9GB disk, 400mhz
5	Blade 100	128MB RAM, 15GB disk, 500mhz
1	Blade 100	128MB RAM, 20GB disk, 500mhz
1	Blade 100	512MB RAM, 40GB disk, 500mhz
1	Blade 150	512MB RAM, 40GB disk, 650mhz
4	Sparc station 4s
2	Sparc station 5s

SunPCI cards
We have currently installed sunpci cards in all the above computers 
except the sparc stations. These cards from Sun Microsystems allow 
you to run Windows as an application when logged into Solaris. They 
could be removed if they aren’t saleable. The cards are a mixture of 
the following
8	600mhz sunPCI2 card	64MB RAM as standard
13	733mhz SunPCI 2 card	64MB RAM as standard
1	128MB SunPCI2 RAM chip	Fits into expansion slot on cards
We also have a number of the previous version of SunPCI 1 cards which 
aren’t installed in any machine at the moment.
9	300mhz SunPCI1 card	32MB RAM as Standard

7	Centre COM MR820TR Network Hub	10MB/sec	8 port
40+	HP & other brand DDS2 tapes	4/8 GB
1	Sun 150MB QIC tape drive & SCSI cable
1	HP840C colour printer 	& 3 Black & 2 colour cartridges
1	Epson lx300+ printer & 1 spare cartridge
1	Cisco 760 Series ISDN router	Cisco Model # 765M

1	Elonex PC	1.7ghz , 224 MB RAM, XP home edition, 37GB disk, 
modem, keyboard, mouse	No screen

All items have been used in an office environment and so there will 
be some signs of aging on them. The equipment has been brought over a 
period of time so the newer models such as the Blade 100s will be in 
slightly better condition.

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