xorg-server anyone?

Dejan Lesjak dejan.lesjak at ijs.si
Fri Sep 10 03:27:58 PDT 2004

Marius Strobl wrote:
> I guess you are refering to the former patch-xf86Events.c. It's part
> of XFree 4.4 and Xorg 6.7 but I don't get why this was sufficient to
> make Sun keyboards on FreeBSD working. Both XFree and Xorg have two
> keyboard drivers, the old "built-in keyboard driver" and the new "kbd"
> driver with MD modules. Both drivers basically assumes that every key-
> board is a PC/AT one on FreeBSD. I think part of the explanation why
> the XFree port works is that it uses the new driver while the Xorg port
> uses the old one. Actually both "drivers" are splattered over a lot of
> source and it's a bit hard to get which snippet belonges to what
> driver. I also didn't find the knob to use either the old or the new
> one, yet. I wrote an email to Eric hoping he has more insight and
> could help clarify this but didn't get an answer, yet.
> Marius

ABout the keyboard driver being used: both xfree 4.4 and xorg 6.7 use old 
'keyboard' driver, xorg 6.8 will use the new 'kbd' driver. You can switch 
between them in "InputDevice" section for keyboard - for old driver:
Driver "keyboard"
for new one:
Driver "kbd"

Does switching between those two result in any difference?

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