unknown process?

Scott Long scottl at samsco.org
Tue Sep 7 17:03:55 PDT 2004

Bob Ababurko wrote:
> Hello-
>   I have just installed the 5.3Beta2 sparc64 on my ultra 2.  For the 
> past two nights, I notice alot of uninitiated isk activity because my 
> disks are kinda loud.  When i do a top, I see find running.  I kill it 
> and then sendmail starts up....this is very scary.  And I am about to 
> use this as a web server.  I am not sure how to find out what is telling 
> find to run.  There is not cron jobs running, at least not roots.  What 
> can I do to find out what is going on here?  Is there some type of 
> facility that freebsd uses to report to usage or stats to some type of 
> central db due to its beta status?
> concerned,
> Bob

Are you sure that it's not the normal 3:01am cron jobs:

# # Perform daily/weekly/monthly maintenance.
# 1       3       *       *       *       root    periodic daily
# 15      4       *       *       6       root    periodic weekly
# 30      5       1       *       *       root    periodic monthly

The daily script does a 'find' as part of it's system security audit.
That is likely what you are seeing.


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