Bob Ababurko ababurko at adelphia.net
Sun Sep 5 10:13:01 PDT 2004


   I am not sure if this is fit for this list but we'll soon find 
out......  I just installed 5.3 beta2 on my Ultra2 and I am not able to log 
into the box remotely via ssh.  I am trying to log in with a user that I 
created, eg. not root.  What I get is:

"unable to authenticate using any of the configured authentication methods"

   The reason that I post this hdere is because before the system comes up, 
there was a screen asking for random characters to be typed in.  This is 
where the prob;em may be as I left the console before that happened and 
that event timed out.  This is the only thing that I can think of.  I have 
checked the config of sshd and it looks the same as the rest of my others.
   Maybe this has happened to someone else out there....i hope!  ANy help 
will be much appreciated.


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