Ultra 1: upgrade OpenBoot?

Philip Paeps philip at freebsd.org
Sun Oct 31 06:02:03 PST 2004

On 2004-10-30 10:45:46 (+0200), Torfinn Ingolfsen <torfinn.ingolfsen at broadpark.no> wrote:
> How do I upgrade OpenBoot on a Ultra 1


> The last one is the network boot method. It seems to be missing detailed
> info about what things I need to set up on a FreeBSD machine in order for
> the Ultra 1 to boot the patch over the network.

It's fairly simple.  You'll need to set up rarp and tftp on some other machine
on the network.  Just add something like ' sunbox' to your hosts
file, and map the mac address of the box to that ip address in /etc/ethers.

Stick the firmware file into /tftpboot, and call it 'ip-in-hex'.  Just run
rarpd and inetd (uncomment tftpd) and 'boot net' the Ultra.  Done :-)

 - Philip

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