Using Creator 3D on an Ultra 1E?

Joerg Wunsch j at
Wed Oct 27 12:58:14 PDT 2004

As Marius Strobl wrote:

> > Ah, too bad. If there is anything I can do to help (don't expect too
> > much), please let me know. I can test patches and stuff.

> Donate an U2 to Marcel Moolenaar :)

I could perhaps donate an U1 (without `E', ie. basically unsupported
by FreeBSD :-( ).

> > However, my monitor never receives a signal, it just blinks with
> > "no signal" lamp. If it had received a signal (any signal) it
> > would at least have complained that the signal was outside
> > acceptable values.

> I guess there's something wrong with your Creator card or the 13W3-to-
> VGA adaptor then because independent of any installed OS you should
> at least get the Open Firmware banner on the monitor when powering up
> the box.

Perhaps the Creator is only sending sync-on-green or composite sync (H
and V sync with different polarity on a single line), while the VGA
monitor expects explicit (separate V and H TTL-level) sync signals?
Both used to be quite common among workstation vendors (even though
obviously, the 13W3 connector offers explicit sync pins as well).
I've got a Sony GDM20D10 (labelled as a Sun monitor, it's the
fixed-frequency monitor with the IRed remote control unit) which
requires composite sync.

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