Using Creator 3D on an Ultra 1E?

Torfinn Ingolfsen torfinn.ingolfsen at
Wed Oct 27 05:12:48 PDT 2004


I have always  wanted to get myself a 64 bit machine to run FreeBSD on,
but haven't been able to justify the expense of a new machine. Recently,
I was given a Sun Ultra 1E Creator 3D. I already runs FreeBSD (installed
via serial console):
user at ultra1$ uname -a
FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7 FreeBSD 5.3-BETA7 #0: Sun Oct  3
11:24:02 UTC 2004    
root at  sparc64

The machine isn't very fast, but it works.
And today, I have gotten a "Sun framebuffer to VGA monitor" adapter, so
now I want to test the Creator 3D, to see if it will work. I discovered
that there is no output from the framebuffer as default (hey, I just
*had* to try), so I guess I'll have to do some work to get this set up.
Perhaps make a new kernel?

I have serached on Google, but ther doesn't seem to be much
documentation about FreeBSD (or XFree for that matter) on a Creator 3D.
Could somebody point me in the direction of some documentation that
explains what I need to do?

Any advice appreciated.
Torfinn Ingolfsen,

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