Netra T1 105 hme0 woes ?

Stephane Clodic sclodic at
Fri Oct 22 06:03:27 PDT 2004

On Fri, Oct 22, 2004 at 02:54:02PM +0200, Xavier Beaudouin wrote:
> Hi there,


> I am experimenting some woes about hme0 and Netra T1 model 105.
> It is mostly working like a charm, but when I setup in /etc/rc.conf 100 
> Full-Duplex operation mode (/sbin/ifconfig hme0 media 100BaseTX 
> mediaopt full-duplex) the interface seems to not send any packets on 
> the network.
> But if I set as autodiscovery mode and after (in rc.local for example), 
> the interface works like a charm...
> It doesn't seems to be a bug inside hme drivers, but some strange arch 
> on theses boxes :
> As you can see there is *two* media interfaces on hme0 (ukphy0 and 
> ukphy1)... I think that the system may take the first media interface 
> that is not connected (or unexistant) on this platform.

As far I remember, T1 105 has 2 ethernet ports on the back (+ LOM) 

About hme autoneg trouble, does your switch in autoneg too or forced to
something like 100baseTX full-duplex ?


Stephane Clodic
France Teaser

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