X.org on Ultra 60

Andrew Belashov bel at orel.ru
Wed Oct 6 03:59:46 PDT 2004

Hello, Jason!

Jason Moreland wrote:
> I built X.org on my Ultra 60 running 5.3-BETA7, but realized that I had  
> not included syscon support in the kernel, therefore X would not start.  
>  When I try to compile sc in the kernel however, I receive an error.   
> Attached is the output from my kernel build, my kernel config, and the  
> output from dmesg.  I was under the impression that syscon and X are  
> now supported in 5.3.  If I am mistaken, please let me know.  Any help,  
> pointers, or tips will be very appreciated (Sorry about the long email).

Try to uncomment uart and puc device in kernel config:

> #device         uart            # Multi-uart driver
> #device         puc             # Multi-channel uarts

Best regards,
Andrew Belashov.

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