Snapshot - still working on it...

Mykel Mykel at
Wed Jun 30 20:49:32 PDT 2004

I think there's a SCSI problem...

Seagate/Exabyte Mammoth M2 (8900) UW with an SE terminator, I get:

panic: trap: fast data access mmu miss
cpuid = 0;
Stopped at        Debugger+0x1c:    ta                      %xcc,   1

Ken Smith wrote:

>Just so you know, I didn't forget about generating a new snapshot.
>I've just made two mistakes in a row that did enough dammage to
>require restarts.  And if you think 'make buildworld' takes a while
>on sparc64 try 'make release' some time... :-)
>Third attempt is running now, hopefully third time is a charm. :-)
>Sorry for the delay.
>[ Garance, your suggestion about including cvsup was a good one,
>I'll include it along with perl in the ISO. ]

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