cvsup part II

Garance A Drosihn drosih at
Fri Jun 25 20:01:11 GMT 2004

Obviously we still have a few loose ends here.  I do not know
why you are having the problems you see, but the following
suggestion might get you going.

At 2:51 PM +0200 6/25/04, Roar Pettersen wrote:
>Hi !
>pkg_Add -r solved my problem, but running this cvsup
>gives me this error message :

You can install the new packages with:


Replacing "ez..." with:   ezm3-64btt-1.1_1.tbz
       and "cv..." with:   cvsup-without-gui-64btt-16.1h.tbz

You can also use some other standard ftp server, instead of

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