Scott Long scottl at
Wed Jun 16 09:25:29 GMT 2004

Pyun YongHyeon wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 11:47:27PM -0400, Mykel wrote:
>  > Ken Smith wrote:
> ...
>  > 
>  > Now how about the console? how can I make typing at least practical on 
>  > here? I was hoping to use this as a desktop machine.
>  > 
> Because I got big trouble while testing TCP/UDP cksum offload
> fix for hme(4) on console, I touched ofw_console code. I stole
> the code from OpenBSD. It seems that now the console works as
> expected. No more 1 sec. pause needed to see correct typing on
> keyboard. Here is patch. I'm not familiar with tty code, so
> it may be just dirty hack or it may not work except my Ultra2.
> Regards,
> Pyun YongHyeon

Another nice patch =-)   The only question that I have is, is it 
possible to have more than OFBURSTLEN characters in the outq, and
if so, what happens to the extra charaters?  Do they just stay in
the outq until the next poll cycle?  I guess that it's hard to
get 12,800 keypresses in a second, though.  The only other
problem that I see is that I remember ofwcons taking up a lot of
CPU when the polling cycle is increased.  This was several years
ago, though, so it might be different now.  Have you compared
CPU usage with your patch?


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