Scott Long scottl at
Wed Jun 16 03:49:27 GMT 2004

Mykel wrote:
> w00t!
> I have the June 14th snapshot installed and running on my Ultra2!
> Aside from HORRIBLE terminal issues (ncurses is allergic to the console, 
> also, you can only type at about 1CPS, everything else gets dropped)
> but
> $ uname -a
> FreeBSD phoebus.condor.lan SNAP-20040612 FreeBSD SNAP-20040612 #0: Mon 
> Jun 14 07:25:37 UTC 2004     
> root at  sparc64

I run my Ultra2 serial console at 38400 and it works fine.  I gave up on
using the keyboard as ofwcons is pretty lossy and uart(4) locks up the
system once interrupts are enabled.  I've been told that the serial
hardware is unreliable above 9600 bps, so cranking it down might help
ofwcons, dunno.  Once I finish getting the Ultra1 to work I might try
to figure out the uart(4) problems.


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