Mykel Mykel at
Wed Jun 16 03:49:13 GMT 2004

Ken Smith wrote:

>On Tue, Jun 15, 2004 at 11:38:08PM -0400, Mykel wrote:
>>I have the June 14th snapshot installed and running on my Ultra2!
>>Aside from HORRIBLE terminal issues (ncurses is allergic to the console, 
>>also, you can only type at about 1CPS, everything else gets dropped)
>>$ uname -a
>>FreeBSD phoebus.condor.lan SNAP-20040612 FreeBSD SNAP-20040612 #0: Mon 
>>Jun 14 07:25:37 UTC 2004     
>>root at  sparc64
>Yay!  :-)
>FYI - I'm going to do another snapshot.  Scott reported there was
>more fixed recently than just tagged transfers.
>Serial port is still the best way to do an install, that's on the
>todo list... :-)
Well, you see - I /had/ thought of that, but you must understand... what 
I have on my desk:
-> Centrino laptop (Slackware) with no RS232 ports
-> $CLIENT's PC/router/server/paperweight
-> Toshiba T1200 laptop

Yes... T1200 - an XT, (it's only 5 or 6 years younger than me) running 
MSDOs 6.22 and ProCOMM+, the only problem is - the screen is too small 
for any reasonable terminal, so it's just a mess.

So I just bit the bullet, reboot serveral times before deciding VT100 
mode would be the best on the console.

Now how about the console? how can I make typing at least practical on 
here? I was hoping to use this as a desktop machine.

Also - can I just CVSup from my local mirror or is that different on 
Sparc64? And X - how do I get that going? Just follow the handbook?

If anyone wants to ssh into this box, I can create some accounts and 
punch some NAT holes


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