Sparc64 snapshot June 12th, 2004

Mykel Mykel at
Tue Jun 15 15:00:39 GMT 2004

[10:55:11] myke at immutable:~$ md5sum 

boot cdrom
[splash screen]

Rebooting with command: boot cdrom
Boot device: /sbus/SUNW,fas at e,8800000/sd at 6,0:F  File and args:

and now it's just sitting there... been like that 10 minutes. :(


Ken Smith wrote:

>There is an ISO built from -current on June 12th, 2004 loaded on ftp-master
>now.  It should propagate to the major mirror sites through the next twelve
>hours or so.  It's in snapshots/sparc64.  The MD5 sum is:
>MD5 (SNAP-20040612-sparc64-miniinst.iso) = ca969deed4c3b2a7f7a2f1f30be81e08
>This includes the first esp(4) driver that doesn't have problems with
>the CD-ROM, but as I expected Scott fixed tagged transfers half way
>through the snapshot build... ;-)
>I'll wait another week to see if there is any more 'fallout' for the
>driver and build another snapshot next weekend that includes the tagged
>transfers.  Most people interested in this sort of stuff should be
>able to handle cvsup updates anyway...

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