Status of esp, ultra1, ultra2

Scott Long scottl at
Fri Jun 11 17:04:21 GMT 2004


I'm remiss in not subscribing to this list earlier or posting my WIPs.
Yes, I ported the NetBSD esp driver and committed it to the tree a few
nights ago.  It _only_ supports the FAS366 silicon that is found in the
FEPS chip (i.e. only Ultra1e and Ultra2) at this time.  Supporting the
esp100 in the Ultra1 isn't too hard, but there were issues with the
DMA attachment that I didn't want to tackle without having hardware
directly available.  I now have an Ultra1 coming my way so I'll fix esp
for that and hopefully make the lnc driver work also.

As for the prospects of getting a new sparc64 snapshot made for esp,
I've just been told that the scsi cd driver is having problems with esp
that result in a panic.  I don't have a cd drive in my ultra2, so I
never came across it.  I'll see if I can dig up a drive and tackle this.
Until it's fixed, a new CD snapshot probably doesn't have much value.


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